CocoLink tests consumer GPUs for deep learning

HPC NEWS 12 July 2016 Tweet CocoLink, a subsidiary of Seoul National University, in collaboration with Orange Silicon Valley, has upgraded its Klimax 210 server with 20 of the latest GeForce 1080 GPUs – with the eventual goal of scaling the single 4U rack to more than 200 teraflops. The system is being used to test the limits of deep learning algorithms because of the number of GPUs present in the server. Deep learning appliances such as the Klimax 210 and the DGX-1 from Nvidia offer a bridge between today’s deep learning technology, which can scale to around 10 GPUs, and cluster-based deep learning, which will scale across much larger systems. CocoLink first announced its Klimax 210 server, with space for 20 GPUs in a single 4 U rack, earlier…

Link to Full Article: CocoLink tests consumer GPUs for deep learning

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