Cognitive, Computational and Social Neurosciences

Director: Pietro Pietrini Curriculum Overview This research-based, multidisciplinary doctorate program focuses on cognitive, computational and social neurosciences. Candidates will attend multiple courses, including fundamentals in cognitive psychology, behavioral and social neuroscience, philosophy of science, critical thinking, structural and functional neuroimaging, and basic/advanced methods for data analysis. In particular, the program is designed to train researchers who will contribute to knowledge in areas such as multisensory perception, supramodal conceptual representation; neuroplasticity and learning; semantic processing and neurolinguistics; social and antisocial behavior; decision-making processes in economics and financial environments. Students will specifically receive intensive practical research training in methods, experimental design and data analysis in the laboratories of the MoMiLab. An overview of human brain anatomy and neuroimaging techniques (mainly structural and functional MRI), neurophysiology (EEG, TMS and tDCS) will address research…

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