Cognitive Neuroscience Industry Position

The Neuromarketing Labs, Southern Germany , Non-U.S. Position Description:Research Scientist at The Neuromarketing Labs. We are a scientific spin-off of the Tuebingen neuroscience community. Our approach is to correlate neuroscience measures with sales data using top academic equipment such as wet 64-channel EEG systems or a 3 Tesla MRI magnet. We have grown steadily in the past years and established good relations to clients and collaborators. We work for well-known multinational clients in various industries such as finance, pharma, retail, or automotive. Experience, required skills and benefits: PhD or post-doc in cognitive neuroscience or related discipline. Alternatively applicants on M.Sc. level with a minimum of 2 years analysis experience in MATLAB with EEG or MEG data Excellent skills in MATLAB or alternatives, e.g. Python or R Expertise in statistics und…

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