Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence in Retail Marketing

Document at a GlanceAbstract This IDC study examines the application of cognitive software and artificial intelligence in marketing to improve top-line results, campaign performance, customer loyalty, omni-channel outcomes, knowledge worker productivity, and process agility. At IDC Retail Insights, we believe that more retailers will gain tangible results from cognitive/AI marketing initiatives. “While AI involves data science, it is not science fiction. Adopting it need not be a science project. AI’s demonstrated value can be hidden by market hype and organizational myopia. Retailers should cut through the former with clarity and get beyond the latter with courage,” said Greg Girard, program director, IDC Retail Insights. IDC PlanScape Figure | Executive Summary | Why Is Cognitive/AI in Retail Marketing Important? | What Is Cognitive/AI in Retail Marketing? | Who Are the Key…

Link to Full Article: Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence in Retail Marketing

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