Cognonto Empowers Knowledge-based Artificial Intelligence

Six Large-scale Knowledge Bases Combine to Automate Machine Learning Setup CORALVILLE, Iowa–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cognonto, a new start-up in knowledge-based artificial intelligence (KBAI), announced today the dual release of its Cognonto Platform and KBpedia, a computable knowledge structure to automate much of the effort needed for machine learning. KBpedia leverages six large-scale knowledge bases — Wikipedia, Wikidata, GeoNames, OpenCyc, DBpedia and UMBEL — into a single structure expressly designed to support artificial intelligence (AI) within enterprises. “Many of the AI advances in recent years, such as question answering on smart phones or systems that beat human contestants in Jeopardy, are built around Web knowledge bases like Wikipedia,” said Michael Bergman, a co-founder of Cognonto. “But these are one-off systems that only the largest tech firms or research outfits can afford,” he said.…

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