Coinalytics Rebrands Itself to Skry, Expands Team.

Coinalytics, the blockchain analytics and intelligence company has now started to call itself Skry. The company started in Palo Alto, California by the trio- William Gleim, Fabio Federici, and James Edwards has made its name change public in a recent press release. The company has been offering blockchain, big data, and artificial intelligence services to financial institutions since the past two years. The company started in April 2014 is one of the few companies that have been offering these services so far. The new name Skry, meaning spiritual vision or seeing through the past, present and the future is an apt name for the company that is involved in analyzing, tracking and conducting due diligence of the information available on the blockchain. Apart from the news about the company’s rebranding…

Link to Full Article: Coinalytics Rebrands Itself to Skry, Expands Team.

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