Competing with Machine Learning

Anthony Goldbloom, Cofounder and CEO, Kaggle May 24, 2016 | 7 Views Anthony Goldbloom, Cofounder and CEO, Kaggle on competing with machine learning. Anthony Goldbloom, Cofounder and CEO, Kaggle Anthony Goldbloom is cofounder and CEO of Kaggle, a platform for machine-learning competitions. Almost 500,000 of the world’s top data scientists compete on Kaggle to solve important problems for industry, government, and academia. Kaggle has catalyzed breakthroughs in areas ranging from automated essay grading to automated disease diagnosis from medical images. Before cofounding Kaggle in 2010, Anthony was an econometrician at the Australian treasury. In 2013 MIT Technology Review named him one of 35 top innovators under the age of 35. Topics AI in the Enterprise What will happen as more capable intelligent systems transform global industries, from retail to manufacturing?

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