Computer Learns to Read Human Micro-Expressions

Not far from now: A suspect sits in a police interrogation room. All the trimmings are there, a two-way mirror, the single bulb lighting fixture, steaming coffee on a steel table, the cops with rolled up sleeves and tired yet stern expressions, a video camera. These cops are positive their suspect is lying, but he isn’t breaking under pressure. However, the officers have another tool in their arsenal. Embedded in their video camera array is a micro-expression analysis system capable of picking up the slightest facial cues. While the above scenario is entirely fictional, the technology mentioned is already here. “In high-stake situations…an ME (micro-expression) fleeting across the face could give away a criminal pretending to be innocent, as the face is telling a different story than his statements,” write…

Link to Full Article: Computer Learns to Read Human Micro-Expressions

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