Computers Might Just ‘See’ Like Humans After All

We’re made of meat and they’re made of silicon, but according to a new study, humans and computers might actually “see” using the same mechanisms. When you break it down, all vision really is, physiologically speaking, the transformation of light into electrical pulses that are then processed in stages by different parts of the brain. Sounds a lot like a computer, doesn’t it? But computers aren’t as good at reliably “seeing” and recognizing objects as humans are, at least not yet. According to some folks, this is because the brain simply isn’t like a computer at all. Others, like computer scientists Timothée Masquelier and Saeed Kheradpisheh, believe that computers may already work a lot like the human vision system—we just haven’t taken the right lessons from biology and applied them…

Link to Full Article: Computers Might Just ‘See’ Like Humans After All

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