Corporate intelligence services startup eyes expansion in Asia

Hong Kong SINGAPORE startup DC Frontiers is looking to expand in Asia amid a growing ease of creating companies and increasing cross-border trade that are expected to drive the need for corporate intelligence services such as those provided by its Handshakes portal. DC Frontiers began with coverage of Singapore markets after its inception in 2011, and has since expanded its artificial intelligence-powered database to include listed companies in Malaysia and Hong Kong. Using an algorithm, Handshakes is able to find paths of commercial interests between multiple companies and people, which helps in identifying conflicts of interests within seconds, instead of trawling through hundreds of records that can be both costly and time-consuming. It has proven useful to internal audit and procurement audit users in identifying conflicts of interests and tender collusion. “In the next few years, our coverage will extend to more parts of Asean and Asia,” DC Frontiers co-founder Daryl Neo told The Business Times. “I feel two major trends will drive and increase the need for our services. First is the increasing ease of creating companies, which leads to more group structures and intermediate holding vehicles. Handshakes excels in such cases because we specialise in the analysis of…

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