COUNTY NEWS: Rolls-Royce vision car unveiled

14:54 Friday 22 July 2016 In the future, luxury cars will be sleek, driverless, silent machines operated via artificial intelligence. That is the vision of Rolls Royce Motor Cars, unveiled in a stunning experimental concept car at the manfacturing base in Chichester yesterday. DM16130291a.jpg Unveiling of new Rolls-Royce 103EX. Photo by Derek Martin SUS-160722-084517008 With its sweeping black canopy opening like a clam shell and at almost six metres long, the 103EX appeared to have not so much personality as stage presence as onlookers gathered in hushed murmers over champagne. Global communications manager Andrew Ball said the end result was ‘definitely a bit of theatre’. He said: “I’d worked on the car for a long time before I saw the actual car, I’d seen pictures and visualisations of what it…

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