‘Cozmo’ a high tech toy for the present and future

A new palm-sized robot looks set to become a favorite toy, equipped with a cheeky personality and hopes for a possible future entertainment franchise. Cozmo,the microbot armed with sensors, motors and visual capabilities and controlled by a smartphone, is the latest product from San Francisco-based robotics startup Anki. Anki Cozmo Robot. Hot new tech toy! https://t.co/uvyDhhpW5i pic.twitter.com/J9gR7QSytB — stargazer00 (@stargazer00) August 27, 2016 Boris Sofman is the Anki CEO:“Cozmo’s very sophisticated, there’s almost 300 components that go inside of him, lot of computation, sensors, motors, he has a camera which he uses for computer vision to understand his environment, so as a character, he’s like this little robot buddy of yours, but he’s like a little newbie who starts out very basic”. If it looks like a Pixar character, that…

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