Creative AI looks to take machines into uncharted territory

We often hear that machine learning and artificial intelligence excel at rote tasks, like pattern recognition. But, increasingly, developers are looking to apply AI to more creative problems.”We as developers can impart the creative knowledge that we’ve built up over the years,” said Drew Silverstein, co-founder and CEO of AI-driven music service Amper Music, in an interview at the O’Reilly AI Conference in New York. Amper Music, based in New York, automatically generates musical scores for commercial purposes like marketing videos, video games or podcast intros and outros. It lets users define the length, style and mood of the piece. They can also control how long certain aspects last, such as verse and chorus. Then, the creative AI algorithm puts together a piece of music to those specifications. The team at Amper has essentially broken down their musical knowledge into component parts and then codified them. The AI algorithm then reconstitutes these components. “These are things that are just inherently music theory,” said Cole Ingraham, lead developer at Amper. “We can replicate that structure in our models ourselves.” How to replicate creativity Amper music uses a proprietary mix of methods to model the fundamentals of music and replicate them. The…

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