Credo Of Successful Digital Enterprises: People First, Technology Second

There’s been no end to the talk of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robots squeezing people out of the enterprise. Let me add a different perspective. The human is, and all always will be, at the center of the enterprise. It takes humans to organize technology – no matter how “intelligent” – in a way that it best serves customers. It takes humans to understand and ultimately deliver what markets demand, and to create new markets where none have previously existed. No organization can exist in an entirely automated fashion — to successfully run a digital business requires a well-balanced combination of human business savvy and well-designed technology solutions. Photo: Joe McKendrick People first, technology second. That’s why agile and service-oriented thinking are so important, even more important in today’s world. Agile promotes the idea that innovation should be a highly collaborative and continuous effort, turning out products or services in tandem with user input. Service-oriented thinking elevates solutions and innovation above any underlying technology approaches, while recognizing that technology is a vital tool to carry out bold new ventures. With both philosophies, the human comes first, technology second. Agile methodologies are associated with software development, which has served as…

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