CrowdStrike Machine Learning and VirusTotal

Over the past three months, CrowdStrike worked closely with VirusTotal (VT), and we are excited to announce the integration of our anti-malware technology as an additional scanner available to the VT community. CrowdStrike customers have enjoyed protection using this engine as one of many technologies integrated into Falcon Host for a while, but now it is available to any user of VirusTotal. If you have a Windows executable or DLL you are unsure about, you can now head over to VT and submit it to get scan results from over 50 anti-malware scanners, including ours. The results that our scanner returns are a bit different from what you will see from other engines. That is because CrowdStrike’s scanner is the first fully machine learning-based engine in VirusTotal. We’ll get into…

Link to Full Article: CrowdStrike Machine Learning and VirusTotal

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