CUMMINS: Are we information overloaded?

Why don’t humans make wise decisions? It can’t be due to a lack of information. We have all of history’s vast accumulated knowledge at our fingertips. If there is ever anything you need to know about life, Wikipedia is a click away. If you need to keep up with the progress of your friends, social media keeps us in the center of their exciting lives. If you are ever concerned about world affairs, such as hacking elections or the development of long-range missiles carrying warheads, the main-stream media will flash it back to you. News is not news until it breaks, and that’s why you should keep a screen of some type on your person, and on your pillow at night when you’re exhausted from mental overload. If you are dissatisfied with life in general, it could be because you need even more information and knowledge with enough factual data to back it up. Or maybe you just don’t care, now that your head is brimming with too much stuff, most of it useless. After creation, man floundered for eons, due to the lack of recorded information, and was unaware of what the facts were. After language replaced mumbling and…

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