Current version of Machine Learning – video freezing issues

Throwing this out there if anyone has any ideas (or similar experience)… I’m running Windows 8.1, latest version of Firefox, add-ons disabled for the Coursera related pages (and cloudfront etc).  When I play a video (in the new format – it doesn’t give an option for the old player), the video will almost always freeze whilst the audio continues.  Seems worst when playback speed is upped, but happens without.  Tried all the suggested fixes from the video playback help – acceleration off, etc.  It’s not a streaming issue or a connection issue on this end.

To add to the annoyance, the cloudfront player, when saving a video, defaults to a generic index.mp4 name, so if I want to save them separately, I have to manually type everything out.  Serious user experience fails all around in this version of the course.

Tried IE as well – videos play better, but get stuck with the swirly loading icon on top of it.  Maybe Edge will work better once I upgrade to 10.

Source: Current version of Machine Learning – video freezing issues

Via: Google Alert for ML

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