Cutting Through The Machine Learning Hype

Post written by Jason Black Jason Black is an investor at RRE Ventures focused on deals in B2B SaaS focused data, machine learning, and developer tools. Let’s punch through the noise around machine learning. (Credit: Shutterstock) The tech ecosystem is well acquainted with buzzwords. From “Web 2.0” to “cloud computing” to “mobile first” to “on-demand,” it seems as though each passing year heralds the advent and popularization of new catchphrases to which fledgling companies attach themselves. But while the trends these phrases represent are real, and category-defining companies will inevitably give weight to newly coined buzzwords, so too will derivative startups seek to take advantage of concepts that remain ill-defined by experts and little-understood by everyone else. In a June post, CB Insights encapsulated the frenzy (and absurdity) of the moment: …

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