D4GX 2016: Merging Data Science with Better Governance

Governments are increasingly using Big Data and data science to address pressing social problems and improve public services. In many cities, data analytics is the underpinning for programs that map blighted urban areas for redevelopment, smart energy grids that automatically adjust streetlights to conserve energy, and crime prevention systems meant to deter crime and improve safety. Despite these efforts, government still lags behind the private sector in its embrace of data. On September 25, 2016, just weeks ahead of the general election, Bloomberg’s Data for Good Exchange (D4GX) 2016 conference will showcase the larger role data science can play in “better governance” and public-sector decision-making and policy planning. Data scientists and representatives from industry, government, non-profits and academia will convene at Bloomberg HQ in New York City to discuss the…

Link to Full Article: D4GX 2016: Merging Data Science with Better Governance

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