Data Analytics With Hadoop

Author: Benjamin Bengfort & Jenny KimPublisher: O’ReillyPages: 150ISBN: 978-1491913703Print: 1491913703Kindle: B01GGQKXO4Audience: Data Scientists familiar with Python Rating: 4.5Reviewer: Kay Ewbank A book that is short and to the point – recommended This is a book that concentrates on using Hadoop for data analysis rather than wasting time on deployment and management of Hadoop. It shows how to work in Python with MapReduce and Spark, Hive and HBase.  The first half of the book takes a high level view of distributed computing and aims to tell you how to run computations on a cluster. The second half then looks at the tools and techniques you might use, along with an explanation of why particular types of analysis and techniques are useful. Having introduced the concept of the data product, the authors…

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