Data Science Bootcamp Course

◯ScheduleSession I (Day1 9 am – 5 pm): Free Python Foundation Course!! ・About Python ・Data Types ・Conditionals ・Loops ・FunctionsSession II (Day2 9 am – 5 pm): The Basics ・Data Collection and Exploration ・Data Cleaning and Visualization ・Introduction to Machine LearningSession III (Day3 9 am – 5 pm): Fundamental Modeling Techniques ・K-Nearest Neighbors Classification ・Naive Bayes Classification ・Regression and Regularization ・Logistic RegressionSession IV (Day4 9 am – 5 pm): Modeling Techniques Continued & Analytics ・K-Means Clustering ・Ensemble Techniques ・Dimensionality Reduction ・Decision Trees and Random ForestsSession V (Day5 9 am – 5 pm): Tools ・Recommendations Systems ・Database Technologies ・Map-ReduceSession VI (Day6 9 am – 5 pm): Hack-A-Day ・Final Project Working Session ・Final Project Presentation ・Discussion of resources & tools

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