Data Science Competitions 101: Anatomy and Approach

I recently participated in a weekend-long data science hackathon, titled ‘The Smart Recruits’. Organized by the amazing folks at Analytics Vidhya, it saw some serious competition. Although my performance can be classified as decent at best (47 out of 379 participants), it was among the more satisfying ones I have participated in on both AV (profile) and Kaggle (profile) over the last few months. Thus, I decided it might be worthwhile to try and share some insights as a data science autodidact. The problem The competition required us to use historical data to create a model to help an organization pick out better recruits. The evaluation metric to be used for judging the predictions was AUC (area under the ROC curve). You can read the problem statement on the competition…

Link to Full Article: Data Science Competitions 101: Anatomy and Approach

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