Data Science Startup HAL24K Receives Seed Funding

HAL24K, a data science startup, received a seed funding round of undisclosed amount. Vinci Energies, through its new investment vehicle Inerbiz, a managerial and financial investment fund for innovative startups, made the investment. Led by jerome Mol, HAL24K provides a platform capable of connecting, analyzing and visualizing multidimensional data streams so that cities, governments and businesses have a clear picture of operations and can react to problem areas in real-time.The company, which has offices in San Francisco, Amsterdam and London, use advanced data science techniques like machine learning and deep learning to create real-time operational and predictive intelligence from diverse data sets, like transactional data and data from sensors (IOT), social media, smart phones, 3G and 4G networks and satellite data.Current projects underway include predictive maintenance for important infrastructure, tackling…

Link to Full Article: Data Science Startup HAL24K Receives Seed Funding

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