DB Networks Appliance Applies Machine Learning to Thwart Hackers

The DBN-6300 security appliance and its virtual cousin, the VMware-powered DBN-6300v, offer advanced capabilities that make short work of identifying databases, analyzing database traffic and using that information to identify abnormal activity that signals database intrusions. DB Networks’ devices also incorporate an advanced analytics engine, which maps all activity, monitors for unusual code and creates activity logs that can be mined to create visualizations of traffic, client/server relationships, transactions, loads and most any other element created by database traffic. What’s more, advanced heuristics, driven by machine learning, can identify attack vectors that are normally hidden from security technologies running at the edge of the network. In other words, DB Networks is able to identify suspicious events and traffic that may be created by advanced persistent threats, which are sophisticated enough to hide within normal network traffic and bypass firewalls, antivirus systems and network security monitoring tools. This slide show provides a closer look at the DBN’s ability to guard corporate networks and databases.

Source: DB Networks Appliance Applies Machine Learning to Thwart Hackers

Via: Google Alert for ML

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