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If ever there is ever to be a compelling business case for IoT, then Deep Learning is the technology which could deliver it.

Joking aside, IoT hardware can deliver something – massive, unlimited quantities of data.

IoT software, unfortunately, can’t yet deliver commercially compelling uses for this data but, with Deep Learning, it may.

Which is why Deep Learning is a big deal in academia, why Google is investing in Deep Learning companies and why a Tokyo University spin-off, 18 month-old Preferred Networks, says it is developing Deep Learning technology which is in advance of Google’s.

Deep Learning is a machine learning technology which is good at recognising hidden patterns in data.

It has been used in analysing videos of crowds, discovering themes in vast amounts of text, providing automatic learning for robots, speech recognition, ADAS and helping to enable self-driving cars,

It’s souped up AI modelled on the neural network of the human brain which is something we’ve heard before. To the extent that Deep Learning uses neuro-modelling, the technology has been pursued for 35 years.

NTT has backed Preferred Networks which is working with Cisco in California.

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