Deep Learning and Control Scientist & Engineer

ROLE OVERVIEW Demiurge Technologies AG ( is a cutting-edge artificial general intelligence (AGI) company that develops the next generation of deep neural networks (DNN) and a new robot operating system (ROS) to enable autonomous mobile robots, ranging from fully self-driving cars on earth to exploratory robots in space, that could robustly deliver high performance in data-scarce tasks.  At Demiurge, your role will be developing and testing novel artificial neural network models. RESPONSIBILITIES Design, implement and evaluate models, agents and software prototypes on mobile robotic platforms. Report and present research findings and developments including status and results clearly and efficiently, verbally and in writing. Suggest and engage in team collaborations to meet R&D goals and schedules.  REQUIREMENTS PhD or Masters in artificial intelligence, computational neuroscience, embodied robotics, machine learning or related.…

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