Deep Learning on the JVM

DL4J is a pretty awesome open source project that works with Spark and Hadoop.  Deep Learning 4J also works as a YARN app! It includes Text, NLP, Canova Vectorization Lib for ML, Scientific computing for the JVM, distributed with clusters, and works with CUDA GPU kernels. Take a look at the Quick Start.  DL4J is used for anomaly detection (fraud detection), recommender systems, predictive analytics with logs and image recognition. In a related open source project, Skymind built a numerical computing library ND4J, or n-dimensional arrays for Java, essentially porting Numpy to the JVM. ND4J powers Deeplearning4j, since deep-learning relies heavily on linear algebra and calculus. And the real work of ND4J is done in C++ with libnd4j. .  It is very easy to get started and run their code in IntelliJ,…

Link to Full Article: Deep Learning on the JVM

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