DeepMind: AI is Heading to StarCraft

In Brief DeepMind and Blizzard are trying to create an AI agent that can play StarCraft II effectively, navigating the challenges of the game and engaging opponents in real-time. This complex testing environment can mimic the “messiness of the real-world” and could therefore lead to innovations in deep reinforcement learning. AI in Gaming Artificial intelligence (AI) in games is often confused with programmed bots (or NPCs). Yes, these bots are “intelligent,” so to speak, because they interact with human players, but those interactions are limited by the bots’ programming — they don’t behave outside their coding. Conversely, AI applications in games can react to the behavior of human players with their own assessment of the situation — like in that historic game of Go — using an algorithm called deep learning. At BlizzCon…

Link to Full Article: DeepMind: AI is Heading to StarCraft

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