DeepMind Takes a Crack at StarCraft II

DeepMind has partnered up with Blizzard in order to train the engine in a real-time environment. Thinking of watching the greatest StarCraft II match of the decade? Then forget about the South Korean tournament because Google is going to show you what playing StarCraft II is all about. On the 4th November, at the tech convention hosted in Anaheim, Google’s DeepMind division has announced probably one of the most lucrative partnerships in this history of the company. More specifically, the tech big cat has announced that it will team up with Blizzard, the developer and distributed of the StarCraft franchise in order to improve DeepMind’s deep-learning engine. DeepMind, the neural network-based engine has always been praising for its human-like ability to learn how to do stuff: the trial and error…

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