DeepMind taking artificial intelligence to the next level

DeepMind, Google’s artificial intelligence project, has its latest objective: create AI able to perfectly play Starcraft II, Blizzard’s famous strategy game. DeepMind, from GO to Starcraft DeepMind, a London based company that Google acquired in 2014, hit the headlines worldwide last March when it comprehensively beat 18 times world GO champion Lee Sidol at the ancient Chinese strategy game. One of the scientists behind DeepMind is Oriol Vinyals, from Sabadell in north-eastern Spain, named by MIT as one of 2016s outstanding innovators under 35. Oriol Vinyals, artificial intelligence and StarCraft expert Vinyals who is a self-confessed StarCraft fan.  As a teenager he was the top ranked player in Spain at the original Starcraft and while studying at Berkely he was involved in the creation of an AI bot, named Overmind,…

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