Dell Targets ‘Citizen Data Scientist’ With Statistica 13.1

The latest version of the software includes making it easier for nontechnical business-line employees to run analytics initiatives. Dell officials want to enable the “citizen data scientist.”Dell is rolling out version 13.1 of the company’s Statistica data analytics platform, which will offer a range of new capabilities in such areas as expanded in-database analytics, improved fraud detection through network analytics and enabling analytics at the network edge on devices and systems, which will address the growing amounts of data being generated by the Internet of things (IoT).A key part of the new software, which is available now, is making it easier for line-of-business workers to prepare and analyze structured and unstructured data from myriad resources and distribute the results of the analysis. As the data generated by companies continues to…

Link to Full Article: Dell Targets ‘Citizen Data Scientist’ With Statistica 13.1

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