Department of Biochemistry and FLiACT Organize Workshop

Published: 17 Dec 2015 Source: University Relations Office (URO) The Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology in collaboration with FLiACT delegates from Europe has held her first Fly Neuroscience Workshop. The theme was ‘Drosophila as a Tool for Understanding Brain and Behaviour.” The four-day workshop took place at the Ibis Tek Boardroom, College of Science. The focus of the workshop was to educate young researchers in concepts and techniques for studies in integrated brain functions using drosophila as a model organism.  Dr. Antonia Tetteh, Head of Department, stated in her opening address that the study of neuroscience was growing in our part of the world and as such there was the need to explore it as a department. She said that scientific discoveries into brain functions would contribute to our understanding…

Link to Full Article: Department of Biochemistry and FLiACT Organize Workshop

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