Detailed Map of Language Representation in Human Brain

In their paper published in Nature today, HWNI faculty members Tom Griffiths, Frederic Theunissen, Jack Gallant and co-authors describe a data-driven approach to map language representation across the human cortex. They were able to determine what regions of the cortex are active during language processing, and to identify smaller regions that specifically respond to a set of related words, such as words representing numeric concepts, or emotional concepts. The implications of this study were nicely described by the Berkeley News press release: Detailed maps showing how the brain organizes different words by their meanings could eventually help give voice to those who cannot speak, such as victims of stroke or brain damage, or motor neuron diseases such as ALS. While mind-reading technology remains far off on the horizon, charting how language is…

Link to Full Article: Detailed Map of Language Representation in Human Brain

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