DevOps Engineer (Focus on Data Science & ETL)

Job Description Work closely with data team to design, implement, and maintain infrastructure and tools supporting data pipelines and ETLs. Automate and configure infrastructure using tools like Terraform, Consul, Packer, Chef and Sensu. Ensure proper security, monitoring, alerting and reporting for the infrastructure. Troubleshoot issues that span across the entire stack: hardware, software, and network. Document current and future procedures, configuration and policies. More details about our engineering stack. Typical Daily Tasks Build ETL pipeline infrastructure to handle ingestion and data manipulation of millions of datapoints. Provision new infrastructure via terraform scripts and chef cookbook to manage a new service for data team. Troubleshoot high-load, memory, cpu usage on servers. Work with developers to deploy applications ready for production (DNS, HAProxy ACL, Monit, NGINX, configs, init scripts). Write Chef cookbooks…

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