Digital Agency Lab Merges to Add Neuroscience Skills

London-based digital marketing agency Lab has merged with Neuro Agency, a specialist neuroscience consulting firm run by Neuro-Linguistic Programming expert Daryll Scott.The two companies have been working together since early 2015, and now aim ‘to position Lab as industry leaders in the emerging field of neuromarketing’. The agency will use EEG data; biometrics including tracking of the nervous system, eye tracking, facial expression tracking and skin response; and psychometrics including implicit response testing.Scott was the founder and MD of below-the-line design agency ‘Truecolours’ in the 1990s, then studied under Dr. John Grinder, the American linguist and co-creator of NLP. He is now one of only four accredited NLP Developers in the UK. Explaining his decision to join forces with Lab, he comments: ‘they are the most playful, curious, passionate bunch…

Link to Full Article: Digital Agency Lab Merges to Add Neuroscience Skills

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