Does the future lie with CPU+GPU or CPU+FPGA?

ANALYSIS & OPINION 17 December 2015 Tweet Accelerators have come of age, but at the US supercomputing show in Austin, Texas, Tom Wilkie found a lot of interest in FPGAs as well, in his second analysis of trends at the event One salient feature of SC15, the US supercomputing conference in Austin, Texas, at the end of November was the way in which FPGAs are now coming into the limelight, in a manner markedly similar to the advent of GPUs some eight years ago. The rate at which accelerators have become accepted in supercomputing is staggering. Nvidia in particular can take some comfort from the fact that around 70 of systems in the list of the world’s 500 most powerful supercomputers, published at the beginning of the conference, use Tesla…

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