Don’t allow Siri to become your new BFF

Credit: Warner Brothers Artificial Intelligence — a companion or a utility? Everyone, from tech powerhouses to startups to Hollywood, has pondered this existential question. If you take a look at AI products coming out of Silicon Valley, you’d assume consumers don’t just want Siri to tell them the weather, they want Siri to be their friend. Apple recently announced they’re working on ridding Siri of her robotic voice by upgrading speech synthesis markup language tags to code natural verbal patterns, further blurring the line between human and machine. Yet, it doesn’t stop at a humanlike voice, we even want joking banter. Ask Cortana who’s her daddy, and she’ll respond with a sassy, Bill Gates centric answer while Siri can offer up funny responses to questions of what the meaning of life is or if she has a boyfriend. These conversational quips make interacting with AI assistants fun and offers comic relief, encouraging you to look beyond their robot façade. But, at the end of the day, the purpose of AI is to provide a function — whether it be troubleshooting your internet, reporting fraud, or answering your customer service questions. Imbuing AI with the ability to joke or understand what…

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