Drug pioneer shares his career with students

Dr. Steven Paul got his start in medical research in Dinwiddie Hall on the Tulane University uptown campus. In the laboratory of professor Merle Mizell, Paul was an undergraduate student worker feeding frogs for developmental biology and cancer research.Paul, who is an expert in neuroscience with an extensive record in central nervous system (CNS) drug discovery and development, was back on campus on Thursday (April 15) at the invitation of Newcomb-Tulane College for the John J. Witmeyer III Dean’s Colloquium Series to discuss his career with students.It was mentors like Mizell, Paul said, that sparked his interest in the biological bases for CNS and psychiatric illnesses. Paul, who came to Tulane from Chicago when he was 17 in 1968, holds a B.A. in biology and psychology from Tulane and an…

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