E-commerce cos see the big picture in AI adoption

As artificial intelligence sees increasing adoption by ecommerce companies, startups like SnapShopr, Staqu Technologies, Wazzat Labs, MadStreetDen and iLenze are experimenting with deep learning and image search technologies focused on powering fashion e-tailers to simplify catalogue search, drive customer engagement and get higher conversions.”Two big trends prompted us to start-up -increasing number of smartphones has eased access to smart cameras, which has triggered increased image-based content on the internet.”Secondly, we realised that businesses would increasingly need deep learning technologies to understand and analyse visual content to gain valuable insights -which can be the difference between success and failure now,” said Ankit Sachan, cofounder of iLenze, which raised $500,000 from Singapore based Mercatus Capital.iLenze’s flagship product Visual Search lets customers in their moment of inspiration -say seeing a film star wearing…

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