Editorial: A human touch for robot brains

On Tuesday, “Granite Geek” columnist David Brooks wrote about the rather shocking artificial intelligence of Google’s AlphaGo, which managed to master a complex Asian board game known as Go. Even the best player in the world, Lee Sedol of South Korea, was no match for the “deep learning” program. For those who grew up with the TRS-80, AlphaGo’s ability to “think” its way to decisive victory is yet another example of science fiction becoming science fact. Our inner nerd can’t help but smile – but our inner philosopher shudders at the implications of software that functions like the human brain. And we’re not alone. As Brooks mentioned, big-brained people such as Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak are worried, too. In fact, Elon Musk is donating millions toward research…

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