Election Data Models Lesson for Cybersecurity

If you are like me, you were pretty convinced that Secretary Clinton was poised to be the President elect.  Confidence in this opinion was based on reviewing numerous big data analytics models from the fivethirtyeight.com, the New York Times, Princeton, etc.  The lowest percentage gave Mrs. Clinton roughly a 65% chance of winning on November 8.  So, what happened?  Every database jockey recognizes the old maxim of garbage in/garbage out.  In other words, killer algorithms and all the processing power in the world are rather useless if your model is built on the back of crappy data.  Obviously, all the brainiacs building these models made a critical mistake in not gathering data from disenfranchised white voters in rural areas.  The result?  A stunning election result and lots of eggs on…

Link to Full Article: Election Data Models Lesson for Cybersecurity

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