Elon Musk a candidate for Luddite Of The Year

Elon Musk seems like an unlikely candidate for the term “Luddite,” which refers to textile workers in the 19th century who opposed technological progress. They feared the new-fangled looms at the heart of the Industrial Revolution would put them out of a job. As it turns out, their fears were well founded. Today, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation gives out Luddite awards to those it says work to “foil technological progress” by opposing advances in science and tech. As the foundation says, “Neo-Luddites no longer wield sledgehammers, but they wield something much more powerful: bad ideas. For they work to convince policymakers and the public that innovation is the cause, not the solution to some of our biggest social and economic challenges, and therefore something to be thwarted.” So why…

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