Elon Musk Sounds Alarm on AI

Founder of Tesla and SpaceX says it’s imperative that society regulate the advance of artificial intelligence. No longer a sci-fi novelty, artificial intelligence is a reality with great potential. While most of the news has focused on AI’s potential for good, some pundits are now pointing out its potential for harm. They include none other than Elon Musk.As the founder, CEO, and CTO of SpaceX and the CEO of Tesla, a key player in the emergence of the self-driving car, Musk is certainly no Luddite. When he talks about AI, he is talking about technology that is absolutely integral to his business model. Nonetheless, Musk believes it is imperative that society regulate the advance of AI, as he noted in an interview before an audience at the National Governors Association Summer Meeting this month. In the course of the interview, Musk referred to his “exposure to the most cutting-edge AI” and warned, “I think people should be really concerned.” The point is not to live in dread of the potential repercussions of AI and respond reactively to them, he said, but to plan proactively for them. That would require a break with past patterns of behavior in dealing with technology’s…

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