Elon Musk: “There will not be a steering wheel” in 20 years

Note: These are only the big-ticket items that Trump initially promised to complete — or must complete — by 2018. Health care Repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act has been Trump’s top priority, and from the beginning he’s insisted that his administration tackle health care before moving on to tax reform (#2 on his list). But the GOP health bill has taken much longer than the administration initially anticipated, and has prevented other policy initiatives from moving forward. Ideal due date: Trump initially wanted to pass a health bill before Easter recess, but the GOP’s first try collapsed in March. Status: The Senate hopes to vote on the GOP’s second attempt at repeal and replace next week, but first they have to do a procedural motion to start the debate. If that fails, then it’s back to the drawing board. Tax reform Following Trump’s election, the stock market surged on the optimism that Trump would slash corporate taxes. But that initial enthusiasm has since waned as months continue to roll by with no real plan in store (though stocks keep hitting new highs). Economic advisor Gary Cohn has told associates that if tax reform doesn’t get done this year,…

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