EMBO Workshop on Mitochondrial DNA and Neurodegeneration

European Molecular Biology Organization »

September 23, 9am | September 25, 2015, 8pm

Hotel Calipolis, Sitges, Barcelona
Av. Sofia, 2-6
Sitges, 08870, Spain

Maria Jose Gállego
P: +34 933196323

Website: http://events.embo.org/15-mt-dna

The EMBO Workshop titled “Mitochondrial DNA and Neurodegeneration” will cover the most recent advances on cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in mtDNA regulation and mitochondrial dynamics in neurons and discuss the role of mtDNA structure and function in neurodegenerative diseases. Scientists working on mtDNA regulation at the molecular level and scientists working on molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration will participate with the aim to discuss recent and future developments.

Source: EMBO Workshop on Mitochondrial DNA and Neurodegeneration

Via: Google Alert for Neuroscience

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