Embrace Randomness in Machine Learning

Why You Get Different Results WithDifferent Runs Of An Algorithm With The Same Data. Applied machine learning is a tapestry of breakthroughs and mindset shifts. Understanding the role of randomness in machine learning algorithms is one of those breakthroughs. Once you get it, you will see things differently. In a whole new light. Things like choosing between one algorithm and another, hyperparameter tuning and reporting results. You will also start to see the abuses everywhere. The criminally unsupported performance claims. In this post, I want to gently open your eyes to the role of random numbers in machine learning. I want to give you the tools to embrace this uncertainty. To give you a breakthrough. Let’s dive in. (special thanks to Xu Zhang and Nil Fero who promoted this post) Embrace Randomness…

Link to Full Article: Embrace Randomness in Machine Learning

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