Embracing Experimentation at AstroHackWeek 2016

November 22nd, 2016 There is something very freeing about experimentation—the ability to fail without fear, and move on. At SVDS, we encourage experimenting as part of our agile practices. The last week of August, I saw experimentation in action at AstroHackWeek 2016, which is billed as a week-long summer school, unconference, and hackathon. It is part of the Moore-Sloan Data Science initiative being sponsored by three universities: UC Berkeley, New York University, and the University of Washington. Hacks While the first half of each day of AstroHackWeek was spent on more traditional lectures, I would like to focus on the “hacks.” Operating as a form of hackathon, the hacks were well organized and structured. The first day after lunch, everyone participating in the unconference stood up, introduced themselves, and either…

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