Emotional Memory and Deep Brain Stimulation. Advanced Courses

Advanced CoursesItalian Alps: Abbazia di Novacella, Südtirol Emotional Memory August 27 – September 3   Coordinator: Michael Fanselow (USA)Faculty: D. Anderson, R. Sullivan, B. Balleine et al.How are fundamental properties common to emotional states, such as arousal, fear, appettive learning, motivation, fear, fear memory and trauma experiences encoded in the circuitry and chemistry of the brain? How do these internal states combine with sensory stimuli to elicit specific emotional behaviors, such as fear or aggression? Modern molecular genetic tools, combined with electrophysiology and functional imaging to measure activity in neural circuits, have helped begin to mark, map, and manipulate specific circuits and determine how identifiable populations of neurons contribute in a causal manner to emotional behavior. Find out more The Future of Deep Brain Stimulation September 10 – 17  …

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