Engaging with artificial intelligence when you’re a start-up

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the tip of everyone’s tongues at the moment. From how AI can help us save money to the rise of sex robots and how they can comfort the elderly and lonely, it’s a trend that continues to spark interest across the board. AI is set to significantly change the way we work, live and play. A Deloitte report suggests that although technology has potentially contributed to the loss of circa 800,000 lower-skilled jobs, it has also helped to create nearly 3.5 million new higher-skilled ones in their place. Technology is benefiting businesses and contributing to the UK economy. With the rise of more sophisticated technologies, such as AI, there have been suggestions that technology could replace humans in the future. This is unlikely and it’s important for businesses and employees to understand how the combination of technology and a human element is the ‘Holy Grail’ for growth. The use of AI creates solutions based on data but such technologies are unable to grasp the emotional impact of these decisions or understand how to act on them correctly. The benefits of AI and automation are marked but businesses and particularly processes require some form of human…

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