Enhancing efficiency via machine learning

Last Modified: Fri, May 13 2016. 02 28 AM ISTFirms are increasingly using machine learning technology in their efforts to drive automation and innovation Mumbai: Gurgaon-based employability assessment company Aspiring Minds is perhaps best known for giving the industry a very dim view of the quality of engineers in India. According to its 20 January report, “more than 80% of engineers in India continue to be unemployable”. Aspiring Minds, however, does much more than just track the employability of engineers in the country. In the words of its co-founder and chief technology officer (CTO) Varun Aggarwal, Aspiring Minds is “interested in the big picture”. “We ask questions like, ‘How do we identify what jobs people in the job market will be successful at?’; ‘How do we make this assessment, or…

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